GIS Consultant

Sharq, Kuwait

We are looking for a GIS Consultant with excellent knowledge of the ArcGIS Platform to utilize his skills and experience to help our customers. The successful candidate will be part of Openware project onsite consulting stream team based in Kuwait, and he will be reporting directly to the Project Manager and work across all the stages of the project life cycle to provide valuable inputs to the team.
• Responsible for the provision of expertise in Geographic Information Systems for applications.
• Responsible for implementing the technical project scope work within the project framework.
• To maintain awareness of GIS technologies and techniques relevant to project scope.
• To assist in research and development assignments set by Project Manager.
• To assist in proposing new technologies and propose solutions wherever necessary for the project.
• To attend project meetings with company development departments and prospective clients as appropriate.
• QA/QC management the project outputs within the scope and guidelines to ensure proper project handover and close-out.
• He is responsible for evaluating, presenting, and supporting the GIS application environment at Client Project Site.
• Responsible for understanding the submittals of the application streams and responding to answer client remarks and questions on all application streams.
• Responsible for spreading the awareness of the application streams among users though presentation and other communication methods.
• Acts as the technical authority to maintain the applications environment in the project.
• Acts as 2nd level support and VIP support for project Users.
• uses a wide range of GIS tools and troubleshoot problem pertaining to the functional requirements of the application for Project.
• Responsible for the functional side of the GIS applications to supports different project phases (Planning, Design, Construction, and Operations).

1. Bilingual Arabic/English fluent speaker.
2. University Degree.
3. At least 10 years in implementing Esri based GIS Solutions.
4. Strong knowledge of ArcGIS Enterprise Solutions' deployment.
5. Thorough knowledge on Esri Suit of products – Desktop, Web (Portal & ArcGIS Server).
6. Strong knowledge with GIS Product Architecture, of ArcGIS server, ArcGIS Portal, ArcGIS GeoEvent, Data Model, web services.
7. Familiarity of Esri Geospatial Cloud, in addition to python scripting, Widgets (and Custom Widgets).
8. Ability to work in a team in diverse/ multiple stakeholder environment.
9. Good technical writing skills.
10. Good presentation skills.
11. Analytical skills.

Good to Have
1. Good knowledge of Esri Utility Data Models.
2. Prior knowledge of Esri Utility Network solutions and Data Model will be an advantage.
3. Experience of implementation for a utility (Power/Water/Electricity/Telecom) with hands-on Functional and deployment experience in Esri GIS.
4. Knowledge of integration patterns with different other systems (including Service-oriented architecture patterns) with GIS (e.g. SIS).