GIS Engineer

Sharq, Kuwait

Position: GIS Engineer

Responsible for GIS data related activities under the Professional Services Team, Using Database management, Spatial Analysis & Cartographic knowledge and skills for data collection, qualitative and quantitative data analyses and creation of visuals describing geographic data.


Working fine on the ArcGIS Pro-ArcMap,

Analyzing spatial data using ArcGIS software.

Discovering patterns and trends through spatial mapping of data.

Understand customer requirements and translate them into functional requirements, product improvements, and new software design.

Designing digital maps with geographic data and other data sources.

Prepare Geodatabase structure and data schema.

Producing maps showing the spatial distribution of various kinds of data.

Performing data munging and cleaning to convert data into its desired form.

Produce reports on geographic data utilizing data visualizations.

Managing a digital library of geographic maps in various file types.

Converting maps/design drawings and related information into different formats, including the interpretation of survey bearings and distances to properly input new data to appropriate GIS and/or CAD layer for reference.

Creating & managing GIS and/or CAD data documents and quality assurance (QA/QC) procedures and technical reports.

Managing the GIS database through topology rules.


Bachelor’s or master’s in GIS, geography, or related field, depending on position level

3-5 years of experience using ArcGIS software.

Good knowledge in ArcGIS software.

Good knowledge in data processing.

Strong in GIS data process.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including technical presenting and interacting with colleagues across organizations. 

Excellent written and verbal communication.

Good interpersonal skills.